Custo Gallery

Custo Barcelona exhibits in its store on the Ramblas in Barcelona a sample of 32 illustrations that make up the DNA of the brand and have given color to their designs as an expression of the sophisticated and free personality of the brand. The selection of these graphics, from among the more than 30,000 that have been used in Custo’s collections during the more than 25 years of the brand, has been purely emotional.

The exhibition shows the importance of graphics as a leitmotif of the brand, together with color and the mix of materials. Since its beginnings in the 80s, graphic design has conditioned the work of Custo and David Dalmau. In fact, it was the passion for graphics that led these creators to use T-shirts as a canvas, which would gradually lead them to the fashion industry to later consolidate as one of the benchmarks of Spanish design in the world.

With a presence in more than 40 countries, Custo Barcelona is continuously expanding into different markets with recent openings in cities such as London and Medellin (Colombia) and continues to present its work each season at New York Fashion Week since 1997, when it was the first Spaniard to take part in this catwalk.