The Satorialist in Madrid

From June 13, Loewe presents the work of Scott Schuman in its Gran Via store in Madrid as part of the program of the XV edition of PhotoEspaña. The author of the blog The Sartorialist, pioneer since 2005 in the photographic modality of street fashion, is already a contemporary classic whose exquisite work has transcended the boundaries of digital to make a place in such demanding collections as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

The images to be exhibited at Gran Via will be part of Schuman’s second book, to be published in August. The exhibition will include a video showing the photographer’s contact with Loewe and Stuart Vevers, as well as his work process and his personal impressions of cities like Berlin and Madrid. After its visit to Gran Vía, the exhibition will travel in September to the Loewe Gallery in Barcelona.

Schuman’s respectful and complicit gaze dissects the variety of sensibilities towards human clothing in different parts of the world. The individual styles he portrays in the street are heterogeneous and unclassifiable, and the simplicity of the portraits is only apparent, as the composition and lighting are always carefully orchestrated. All these attributes put Schuman on Loewe’s radar years ago. It was a mutual seduction: the photographer himself, on one of his visits to Madrid, was captivated by the charm of the firm’s shop windows.

British Glamour

London has taken advantage of the Olympic Games to claim in style its status as a Creative Capital, and the fashion industry could not miss this celebration. Under the name ‘Fashion 2012’, the main institutions and companies in the sector have been working hard to program a series of activities during the Olympic summer with fashion as the protagonist. Yet again, the Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the epicenters of this new tribute to British fashion. After undergoing an intense rehabilitation, the galleries dedicated to clothing in the London museum reopen to the public with the exhibition ‘British Glamour Since 1950‘, a spectacular display of the 60 most dazzling party dresses created between the 1950s and today by British dress designers, which can be admired until next January.

Organized on two levels, the exhibition draws mainly on exclusive models created for special occasions such as premieres, private parties, royal events and debutante parties. And it tells the story of elegance in Britain over the past half century. During the 1950s, the post-war period limited gala occasions to the social presentation of upper-class young ladies, the occasion for extravagant and refined country parties. From the 1980s onwards, couture began to influence the aesthetics of the middle classes, and from the 1990s onwards the red carpet emerges as an aspirational mirror for all the middle classes.

Roberto Piqueras and his work

The Barcelona designer Roberto Piqueras, whom we all know from Ego de Cibeles, decided some time ago to reach us through our computer screens, through video. Today we are going to talk to him and to those who have been helping him to bring together video and fashion for the last two seasons. In a previous interview with KulturaUrbana, he said: “Globalisation has inspired my work.

Roberto Piqueras goes further and within the national panorama he may be one of the characters with a stronger and clearer discourse. What he touches never leaves indifferent, always goes a step further and maintains the same philosophy of that boy who left school with very clear things. And now, he lives in London

The concepts behind his creations, the prints where he mixes the nostalgia of a past future with all the touches of those who adore and venerate the extraradio or his collaborations make Roberto Piqueras a unique artist. Artist, because to call Roberto a fashion designer is to clip his wings.

Roberto Piqueras Womenswear by Marc Ferré from Roberto Piqueras on Vimeo.

Roberto Piqueras AW13 Performance Show at Somerset House, London during LFW from Roberto Piqueras on Vimeo.

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2009